21st Century Literacies: Developing and Implementing Digital Assignments FLC

This FLC met during spring semester of 2014 and brought together faculty interested in exploring the value and potential of developing and implementing digital assignments in the classroom. Participants explored various benefits and challenges connected to digital assignments, including the potential to promote meta-cognitive development, increase student engagement, and assess student learning. At the end of the semester, participants shared a digital assignment they had created.


Donald Snyder, Facilitator, Media & Communication Studies
Diane Alonso, Psychology
Kate Drabinski, GWST
Milvia Hernandez, MLLI
Erin Hogan, MLLI
Edward Larkey, MLLI
Ana Oskoz, MLLI
Mary Tabaa, Education
Cynthia Wagner, Biology

Samples of Work:

Digital Literacies FLC Final Presentation Slides
imovies in BIOL 123-Human Genetics, by Cynthia Wagner
Digital Stories in SPAN 202-Intermediate Spanish, by Milvia Hernandez
Student blogs in GWST 200-Studies in Feminist Activism, by Kate Drabinski
Video Project in PSYC 415-Seminar in Cognitive Psychology, by Diane Alonso
Poetic Images Collage in SPAN 311-Survey of Contemporary Spanish Literature, by Erin Hogan
Subtitling German Films and Television Shows-GERM-319-German Translation, by Edward Larkey

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