Resources Beyond the FDC

Solve a Teaching Problem – This is an interactive web tool developed by Carnegie Mellon to help faculty identify a teaching problem, identify possible reasons for the problem, and suggest strategies to address the problem. They recommend using the tool in concert with a consultant.

MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Research for Learning and Online Teaching) – MERLOT is organized by 13 discipline areas and designed primarily for faculty and students in higher education. It provides the following:

  • a FREE and OPEN repository of instructional materials
  • Searchable database for appropriate learning materials
  • Already developed materials that have reviewed and rated by users

Becoming a Member
Last name and e-mail address are required to become a member. Other information can be posted to a member’s profile to identify role and subject interests. MERLOT does not share this information.

National Education Association’s Higher Education Best Practices – Teaching and Learning – NEA has invited top scholars on teaching and learning in higher education to write web articles on best teaching practices. Topics range widely, including Getting Students to Do the Readings, Teaching Rigorous and Reflective Thinking, and Writing as Instructional Practice, among others.

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