The Faculty Development Center’s consultation services are available for all instructors across the university. Consultations can take many forms, but, like all of our services, they are confidential and formative. We offer the following consultation services:

Teaching and Learning Consultation

The Center is here to provide a space for faculty to discuss teaching. We are happy to talk about anything you have on your mind, formally or informally. Some topics on which we regularly consult:

  • course design
  • syllabus construction
  • active learning
  • assessment of student learning outcomes
  • effective teaching approaches
  • evaluation and improvement strategies
  • methods of working productively with students

Even if you don’t have a specific topic, we are happy to meet with you. Contact us to make an appointment.

Syllabus Consultation

A syllabus is the primary document for communicating your expectations to your students. How much information should you include? How should it be arranged to best communicate what the class is about and what you, as the instructor, value most? FDC staff can help you develop a clear syllabus. Syllabus consultations are also a great way to clarify your course goals and design.

Get started by looking at FDC online resources and then contact us to make an appointment.

Consultations in Writing & Communication in the Disciplines

Drawing on our research and teaching experiences in composition, communication, and writing in the disciplines (WID), we support faculty and departments as they infuse writing/oral communication into the curriculum. This includes assistance in developing WI-courses, designing writing and speaking assignments, and scaffolding the writing/speaking process with in-class activities. Contact us to make an appointment.

Career Consultation

Teaching is one of the roles that makes for a full career in academia. But we all know that the demands of an academic career are great and sometimes difficult to balance. At the FDC, we are happy to talk about the ways that teaching fits into your larger career trajectory, whether that means developing teaching innovations, taking advantage of FDC programs for continuous improvement, or publishing scholarship about teaching. Contact us to make an appointment.

All FDC consultations are confidential.

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