Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee

The Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee (AFAC) is a university committee that represents the interests of adjunct faculty, facilitates the inclusion of adjunct faculty in shared university governance, and facilitates communication among adjunct faculty and between adjunct faculty and other constituencies in the university. For updates, news, and events, follow the AFAC myUMBC group.

Any adjunct faculty member who meets the election eligibility criteria may run for election to AFAC. Becoming a member of AFAC means a commitment to attend and to participate in all or most AFAC meetings, held on alternate weeks during spring and fall semesters; campus-wide AFAC events; and AFAC activities and meetings with UMBC personnel including administrators, faculty and staff.

Further information about the functions of AFAC can be found in the Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee (AFAC) By-Laws.

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