Observations of Teaching

Upon your request, a FDC staff member will observe a class session of your choosing. We are happy to “observe” your teaching either face-to-face or online to provide you with our perspectives on your course materials or lectures. Here is how the process works:

  • Prior to the observation, we will discuss your goals for the observation and anything that you would specifically like us to look for during the observation. We will also schedule a date for the observation.
  • For observations of face-to-face classes, we will sit in on the class and take notes on content, student behaviors, etc. For long evening classes, we typically only observe the first half or so up to the break time if provided.
  • For observations of online classes, we can either join your Blackboard class and review course materials and/or organization or view a synchronous or asynchronous lecture–or both.
  • After the observation, we will meet with you again to discuss our mutual impressions of the class and help you craft strategies as needed to meet your desired outcomes for the class.

Faculty who have had teaching observations often comment that the process helped them to clarify their goals and make changes in their methods and practices in order to reach them. They also appreciate having another perspective on what is happening in their class, including student behaviors they may not have been aware of.

To schedule a Observation, complete the Observation request form. To find out more, contact us.

All FDC consultations are non-evaluative and aimed at supporting you to achieve your objectives. No consultation services provided to faculty are used by administrators or committees in making personnel decisions.


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