Integrating Teaching and Research FLC

This FLC spent AY 2015-16 working on optimizing the relationship between research and teaching to improve student learning outcomes and faculty job satisfaction, striving for balance and harmony between these two aspects of faculty’s academic mission. Some strategies for working toward such an equilibrium include: 1) making laboratory research a meaningful learning experience for students, while ensuring it’s also productive and efficient for faculty; 2) incorporating critical examination of research into classroom activities; and 3) having students conduct research within the context of the course. Participants in this FLC explored the evidence bases and feasibility of some of these strategies and supported one another in selecting and implementing a strategy.


Robin Barry, Facilitator (Psychology)
Sarah Chard (Sociology & Anthropology)
Joanna Gadsby (Library)
Matthias Gobbert (Mathematics & Statistics)
Stephen Mang (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
John Schumacher (Sociology & Anthropology)
Shuyan Sun (Psychology)
Meilin Yu (Mechanical Engineering)

Samples of work:

Final FLC Presentation
Annotated Bibliography

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