Inclusive Teaching (2021-22)

Students’ unique perspectives often lead to fascinating moments and steer conversations in directions you could never have anticipated. But in an insensitive and unsupportive environment, differences also have the potential to create barriers to achievement and success. Participants in this FLC explored and reflected on a variety of strategies and practices that engage and challenge all students, especially those at risk of being marginalized. One of the goals of the group was to increase awareness of how some teaching practices favor the identities, experiences, and backgrounds of some students more than those of others. As a group, they explored practical ways to enhance the inclusive nature of course learning materials, class activities and assignments, and the learning environment in order to better support students of many different abilities, identities, and backgrounds.


Nicki Belfiore (SOWK)
Mariajosé Castellanos (CBEE)
Erin Durham (LIB)
Janet Gross, Facilitator (ENGL)
Margaret Knisley (SAPH)
Louise Murray (ERICKSON)
Neha Raikar, Facilitator (CBEE)
Fernando Vonhoff (BIOL)

Samples of Work:

Slides from the group’s presentation at the End of Year Celebration

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