Fostering Student Reflection and Self-Regulation FLC

Many students have very limited understanding of what learning is and how to do it effectively. Many rely on unproductive study methods, appear unable to monitor and direct their own thought processes, and seem to give up too quickly when faced with challenging problems. Research shows, however, that the range of skills, attitudes, and habits that students need to develop in order to become effective, independent learners can be nurtured in our classrooms.

During AY 2017-18, this FLC met to discuss what is known about promoting student self-regulation including fostering student metacognition, persistence, and abilities to self-evaluate. Participants worked together on developing strategies and activities to capture these ideas in their courses.


Suzanne Braunschweig (Geography & Environmental Systems)
Katie Gibson (Computer Science & Electrical Engineering)
Tomoko Hoogenboom (Modern Languages, Linguistics, & Intercultural Communication)
Lindsay Johnson (Music)
Maria Manni (Modern Languages, Linguistics, & Intercultural Communication)
Kalman Nanes, Facilitator (Mathematics & Statistics)
Liz Stanwyck (Mathematics & Statistics)
Shuyan Sun (Psychology)

Samples of Work:

Concept map of topics discussed and projects underway by FLC members

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