Contemplative Pedagogies FLC

The members of this FLC met during AY 2015-16 and explored teaching methods that integrate meditative or other contemplative practices into teaching, with the goal of cultivating increased focus, concentration, and self-knowledge in students. The group learned about both the theory and practice of contemplative pedagogy. During the fall semester, they read about the topic and tried out various contemplative practices in the group. In the spring, they each experimented with the use of a contemplative teaching technique in one of their own classes. They also planned ways to assess and evaluate how adding contemplative pedagogies impacted students’ learning.


Robin Barry, Facilitator (Psychology)
Mariajose Castellanos (Chemical/Biochemical Engineering)
Robin Farabaugh (English)
Sarah Leupen, Facilitator (Biological Sciences)
Stephen Mang (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Jill Randles (Undergraduate Education)
Cynthia Wagner (Biology)

Samples of Work:

Contemplative Pedagogies-Final FLC Presentation
Respiration InsideOut – A Podcast of a Visualization Exercise for Anatomy and Physiology Students, by Sarah Leupen

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