Flexible, Alternative, or “Un”grading Strategies (2022-23)

This FLC started by discussing and exploring questions such as, 1) Why do we grade? 2) How does it feel to be graded? 3) What do we want grading to do (or not do) in our classes? 4) How does feedback function in relation to grades? and 5) What would happen if we didn’t grade?*

Participants investigated the research base for “ungrading” practices and implemented one or more of these approaches in their classes. Using the lens of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), participants’ work in the FLC culminated in research projects (individual or collaborative) that were shared within the broader UMBC community, at conferences, and/or in scholarly publications.

*These questions were raised by Jesse Stommel in his 2018 article, “How to Ungrade.”


Nicki Belfiore (SOWK)
Bambi Chapin (SAPH)
Matthias Gobbert (MATH)
Cody Goolsby-Cole (PHYS)
Tomoko Hoogenboom (MLLI)
Martin Kobren (POLI)
Marie van Staveren, Facilitator (CHEM)
Cynthia Wagner, Facilitator (BIOL)

Samples of Work:

Slides detailing the group’s work

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