Fostering Pedagogies that Engage and Support Transfer Students (2021-22)

In 2021, the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students (NISTS) framed transfer as a social justice and equity issue. How might that classification shape our pedagogical practices in the classroom? Recognizing the heterogeneity of transfer students, how can we leverage their strengths and support their areas of growth? Though transfer issues are often considered to be the domain of admissions, advising or student affairs, what are our roles and responsibilities as instructors to engage and support transfer students? The members of this FLC explored and discussed best pedagogical practices across different disciplines and considered what it means as faculty members to approach transfer from an equity/social justice perspective. This exploration is intended to continue beyond the FLC year as scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) projects that can contribute to the gap in literature on this topic.


Mark Berczynski (ECEP)
Karen Chen (IS)
Charles Eggleton (ENME)
Sarah Jewett, Facilitator (PROV/ANTH)
Nancy Kusmaul, Facilitator (SOWK)
Sarah Leupen (BIOL)
Elaine MacDougall (ENGL/ASC)
A. Paige Rogers (BIOL)
Marie van Staveren (CHEM)

Samples of Work:

Details about the group’s work

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