Less “Me,” More “We”: Supporting Students to Work and Learn in Teams FLC

This FLC explored how instructors can understand and support students (undergraduate as well as graduate) working and learning in teams. Effective teamwork and team membership skills are crucial for learning in a range of academic disciplines and are just as important for success in post-graduation life. However, even with the advent of tools like CATME and a growing literature about what makes teams effective, many faculty and staff are largely on their own as they set up teams, develop assignments for them, try to monitor team dynamics, provide guidance and (re)direction to teams, and evaluate the performance of teams/team members. This FLC provided an opportunity for UMBC faculty and staff doing this kind of work to:

  • Review work—by academics as well as others—about effective teamwork and how to support it;
  • Learn about and reflect on the experiences of peers whose work involves teams and teamwork;
  • Get feedback and insights from peers about our own classes, challenges we anticipate or have faced related to implementing teamwork, and adaptations or innovations we are considering.

Members of this FLC, which met during AY 2019-20, developed data-supported solutions to a variety of challenges of teaching with teamwork. They discussed: how to prepare teams for success by composing and charging them effectively; how to stay abreast of what’s happening inside teams; how to diagnose and help teams remedy difficulties; and how to assess teams’ and team members’ developing skills and competences.


Mark Berczynski (ECEP)
Mariajosé Castellanos, Facilitator (CBEE)
Gautom Das (CBEE)
Janet Gross (ENGL)
Milvia Hernandez (MLLI)
Tomoko Hoogenboom (MLLI)
Mitzi Mabe (ENGL)
Neha Raikar (CBEE)
Simon Stacey (HONORS)

Samples of Work:

Available in this Threadbox

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