SoTL Writing Accountability (2021-22)

Members of this FLC supported each other and held each other accountable for completing analyses and writing up scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) studies. Along the way, they listened to mini-presentations, talked each other through writing blocks and analytical conundrums, shared drafts, and just sat and wrote together virtually. All members made progress toward going public with their studies of teaching or students’ learning, and the group intends to continue meeting and writing together beyond the FLC year.


Nandita Dasgupta (ECON)
Kathy Glyshaw (PSYC)
Matthias Gobbert (MATH & STAT)
Tomoko Hoogenboom (MLLI)
Donald Snyder (MCS)
Liz Stanwyck, Facilitator (MATH & STAT)
Fernando Tormos-Aponte (PUBL)

Samples of Work:

Slides from the group’s presentation at the End of Year Celebration

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