iTeach FLC

The iTeach FLC met during AY 2014-15 and explored the various ways in which teachers can utilize iPads (and other non-Apple tablets) in their classrooms. Participants became familiar with various education and digital production apps and shared how the iPad can become a valuable asset in their courses (planning, content delivery, and creative production). The primary goal was for participants to strengthen their capacity to use iPads for instructional practice. Participants developed, implemented, and assessed at least one new lesson (or modified an existing lesson) that makes specific use of tablet computing to support the lesson’s content objective. This lesson plan includes strategies for assessing and evaluating how using this technology specifically impacts student learning.


Diane Alonso (Psychology)
Raji Baradwaj (Mathematics & Statistics)
Nandita Dasgupta (Economics)
Matthias Gobbert (Mathematics & Statistics)
Tomoko Hoogenboom (Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication)
Tracy Irish (Education)
Andrea Kalfloglou (Sociology & Anthropology)
Carole McCann (Gender & Women’s Studies)
Kalman Nanes (Mathematics & Statistics)
Donald Snyder, Facilitator (Media and Communication Studies)
Liz Stanwyck, Facilitator (Mathematics & Statistics).

Samples of work:

iTeach Final Presentation Slides


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