Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning FLC

This FLC, which met during AY 2016-17, explored how the diverse expertise and interests of our students (especially non-majors) might shape their teaching. Participants examined ways to incorporate students’ unique perspectives into their lessons and lectures so that students become more invested in their coursework. The primary goal was for participants to find ways to promote the integration and application of ideas from different disciplines to enrich student learning. To this end, as a specific deliverable, participants developed, implemented, and assessed at least one new lesson (or modified an existing lesson) that utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to support the lesson’s content objective. The lesson plan included strategies for assessing and evaluating how this new approach impacts student learning.


Katie Gibson (Computer Science & Electrical Engineering)
Matthias Gobbert (Mathematics & Statistics)
Milvia Hernandez (Modern Languages, Linguistics, & Intercultural Communication)
Tomoko Hoogenboom, Facilitator (Modern Languages, Linguistics, & Intercultural Communication)
Tania Lizarazo (Modern Languages, Linguistics, & Intercultural Communication & Global Studies)
Carole McCann (Gender & Women’s Studies)
Jana Rehak (Sociology, Anthropology, & Health Administration & Policy)
Laura Rose, Facilitator (Psychology)
Donald Snyder (Media & Communication Studies)
Liz Stanwyck (Mathematics & Statistics)

Samples of Work:

Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning Poster

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