Improving Student Writing: Exploring Evidence-Based Feedback Methods FLC

Faculty across disciplines are often dissatisfied with the basic quality and clarity of their students’ writing.  Yet, few faculty have any expertise or training in evidence-based ways to improve student writing through their assignments, papers, and associated writing feedback. The prospect of reading 35 (or more) student research papers, lab reports, or another thesis/dissertation draft fills many of us with angst.

The objective of this FLC, which met during AY 2017-18, was to interrupt this cycle by exploring the interdisciplinary literature on best practices in improving student writing, integrating those findings into courses, and responding to student papers, theses, and dissertations.  FLC participants reviewed the last 10 years of evidence-based writing feedback techniques and then practiced using them in their own disciplinary teaching and scholarly advising activities.  FLC participants developed a set of new techniques, tailored to their own classes, for supporting student writing. They have also become knowledgeable resources for other interested faculty members in their departments.


Gautom Das (Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering)
Loren Henderson (Sociology, Anthropology, & Health Administration & Policy)
Jodi Kelber-Kaye (Honors College)
Neha Raikar (Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering)
Jules Rosskam (Visual Arts)
John Schumacher, Facilitator (Sociology, Anthropology, & Health Administration & Policy)
Donald Snyder (Media & Communication Studies)
Cynthia Wagner (Biological Sciences)

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