Fostering Engagement in the Digital Classroom FLC

This FLC examined a variety of digital tools, web-based applications, and Blackboard add-ons that permit students to share, view, and discuss visual and textual materials among themselves and with their instructors. These tools create a space for asynchronous conversations that can be referenced both inside and outside of the traditional classroom. The pedagogical value of these tools is that they help to maximize conversations and/or discussions, whether those are held between students and their instructors or among the students themselves. These discussions then create an environment that enhances student productivity and engagement.

This FLC, which met during AY 2017-18, explored and implemented these learning tools (e.g. VoiceThread, Padlet, Collaborate, Google Docs, etc.). Participants developed assignments using one or several of these tools in order to enrich their lessons and lectures so that learners develop their critical thinking skills and advance their digital literacy. The chief goal of this FLC was for participants to develop, implement, and assess at least one new digital assignment or modify an existing one.


Elisabeth Arevalo-Guerrero (Modern Languages, Linguistics, & Intercultural Communication)
Patricia Bozic (English)
Mariajose Castellanos (Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering)
Samir El Omari (Modern Languages, Linguistics, & Intercultural Communication)
Milvia Hernandez, Facilitator (Modern Languages, Linguistics, & Intercultural Communication)
Tracy Irish (Education)
Sarah Leupen (Biological Sciences)
Timothy Phin, Facilitator (Ancient Studies)
Doaa Rashed (Education)
Mary Tabaa (Education)

Samples of Work:

Summary of Tools Explored

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