Flipped Classroom Pedagogies FLC

This group met during spring semester 2014 and studied various pedagogies for “flipping the classroom,” or re-ordering of students’ first exposure to content in the curriculum. When a class is flipped, students are held accountable for preparing for class in advance (through watching video or reading or doing problems), and class time is spent in students processing ideas and getting feedback from the instructor and their peers. Each member of the FLC worked toward making either a pedagogical innovation or a change to their existing practice, and/or they conducted a systematic study of the effect of a pedagogical change they had made.


Sarah Leupen, Facilitator, Biology
Eric Anderson, Physics
Anne Bengochea, MLLI
Lili Cui, Physics
Tiffany Gierasch, Chemistry
Tomoko Hoogenboom, MLLI
Kal Nanes, Math
John Schumacher, Sociology and Anthropology
Rich Wilson, Philosophy

Samples of Work:

Flipping CHEM 351- Organic Chemistry, by Tiffany Gierasch
Flipping MATH 301-Introduction to Real Analysis, by Kal Nanes

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