Diversity in the Classroom: Enhancing the Curriculum and Environment FLC

This FLC brought together a group of faculty in AY 2014-15 who explored best practices in and resources for incorporating diversity into the classroom environment and course content. During the fall semester, they read about the topic and shared ideas for more diverse content and activities in the group. In the spring, each participant experimented with the use of approaches for creating a more inclusive learning experience in their own classes. Each participant completed the FLC with plans to enhance diversity in content and activities in their classrooms and create a more inclusive learning experience in at least one course. They also planned ways to assess and evaluate the impact of these changes on students’ learning or perception of their learning environment.


Joanna Gadsby (Library)
Tiffany Gierasch (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Kimberly Moffitt (American Studies)
Pamela Monaghan-Geenaert (Sociology & Anthropology)
Julie Murphy, Facilitator (Psychology)
Eileen O’Brien, Facilitator (Psychology)
Jason Schiffman (Psychology)
Susan Sonnenschein (Psychology)
Mary Tabaa (Education)
Karen Whitworth (Biology)

Samples of Work:

Diversity Final FLC Presentation

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