Teaching Creativity Across Disciplines (2022-23)

A goal of universities is to graduate creative thinkers who can tackle complex, real-world challenges and develop innovative solutions. We know that being able to consider problems flexibly from multiple perspectives and generate many ideas and approaches tends to foster more innovative solutions. Research shows that such abilities are not limited to a few individuals fortunate enough to have inherited a “creativity gene.” They can be nurtured and learned by anyone, and they are teachable in any discipline.

This FLC investigated the research base on the teaching of creativity and the cultivation of a generative, flexible mindset, including how to nurture our students’ ability to make connections and think metaphorically, take risks, be curious, think critically, and learn to deal with ambiguity. The group designed a course which they plan to teach together that will result in artifacts that showcase their students’ creative abilities.


Margie Burns (ENGL)
Karen Chen (IS)
Nandita Dasgupta (ECON)
Loren Henderson, Facilitator (PUBL)
John Johnson (ENG MGMT)
Neha Raikar (CBEE)
Paige Rogers, Facilitator (BIOL)
Bill Ryan (IS)
Jim Thomas (PHIL)

Samples of Work:

Slides detailing the group’s course

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