Contemplative Pedagogies (2022-23)

This FLC explored teaching methods that integrate meditative or other contemplative practices into teaching. Intentionally incorporating such approaches in classroom practice can promote increased focus, concentration, and self-knowledge in students and foster students’ deep engagement with course material. Requiring students to explore course content both cognitively and emotionally can allow students to “find more of themselves in their courses,” according to Barbezat and Bush in Contemplative Practices in Higher Education, promoting more meaningful and lasting learning.

The group investigated both the theory and practice of contemplative pedagogy. During the fall semester, they read about the topic and tried out various contemplative practices in the group. In the spring, they each experimented with the use of a contemplative teaching technique in one of their classes. They also planned ways to assess and evaluate how adding contemplative pedagogies impacted their students’ learning.


Mariajosé Castellanos, Facilitator (CBEE)
Gautom Das (CBEE)
Janet Gross (ENGL)
Sarah Leupen, Facilitator (BIOL)
Louise Murray (ERICKSON)
Donald Snyder (MCS)
Pengwang Zahi (PHYS)

Samples of Work:

Handout detailing the group’s work

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