Leadership & Teaching

UMBC’s Faculty Development Center launched the Leadership & Teaching Series in Spring 2018. Sessions in this series are designed to help you to reflect on challenges in teaching facing higher education and how you, in your role as a formal or informal leader at UMBC, can contribute to innovative solutions.

Faculty and staff colleagues will address specific challenges in interactive presentations designed to help you explore key questions, for example,

  • How can you use research to improve teaching, learning, and curriculum design?
  • How can you connect to other teaching leaders to identify common challenges and devise shared solutions?
  • How can you contribute to a collaborative culture of evidence-based teaching to improve student learning?
  • How can you identify policies, processes, and technologies that make it easier to gather and use evidence of student learning?

The series features workshops that facilitate deliberative dialogue around curriculum design, closing the loop and double-loop analysis, and bridging outcomes and analytics data:

  • Using Curriculum Mapping to Synthesize Student Learning is an experiential curriculum mapping workshop series with four challenges focused on connecting student learning across courses.
  • Closing the Loop highlights learning interventions devised in response to direct measure data; it is designed to inspire action-research in student learning and model double-loop analysis to ascertain if interventions have achieved their goals.
  • Bridging Outcomes and Success Analytics is an informal discussion group where individuals are invited to share specific examples of data-informed action research for collaborative discussion.