CATALysts and Observations during COVID-19

The staff of the Faculty Development Center recognize that you want to support your students’ learning during this tough time, but it may be hard to know where to focus your somewhat strained energies to best accomplish that. If you aren’t sure if what you’re doing is working, we are happy to help. We can gather online feedback from your students (our CATALyst midterm feedback process), or provide you with our perspectives on your online course materials or lectures (our observation process). Working with the FDC allows your students to know that their feedback is anonymous and allows you to avail yourself of FDC experience and expertise in interpreting their feedback.

Collecting student feedback

We have two options available for gathering student feedback:

  1. For courses of 50 or fewer students, we can provide your students with a Google form link to our two usual open-ended questions: What do you like about this course and/or your instructor’s teaching of it, and What suggestions do you have for improvement? We will compile students’ responses and organize them by themes and send you the results.
  2. For all courses, including those of 50 or more students, we can provide a Google form link to your students to a list of Likert-scale questions and an open comment box. We will then compile responses with some logical suggestions or follow-up and send to you. Routine questions include:
    • Online materials are easy to access. Rank agreement 1-4
    • Instructor expectations on assignments are clear. Rank agreement 1-4
    • Instructor expectations for exams are clear. Rank agreement 1-4
    • Resources available are sufficient for my needs. Rank agreement 1-4
    • Instructor is approachable. Rank agreement 1-4
    • Comment box

Observing a class

We are happy to “observe” your teaching and offer feedback, either by joining your Blackboard class and reviewing course materials and/or organization or by viewing a synchronous or asynchronous lecture.

To request either of these services

Please use this link to request a CATALyst and/or observation Please limit your request to one course only. Please note in the comment box if you are interested in feedback or an observation in another course. Depending on workload, we may be able to accommodate additional courses and will reach out if this is possible.

As always, our consultations are non-evaluative and aimed at supporting you to achieve your objectives. All consultation services provided to faculty are confidential and are not used by administrators or committees in making personnel decisions.

We’re here to support you!